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Top Ten Reflections

1. Play Kids Games
Reflection: This website offers students the opportunity to practice math skills, problem solving, vocabulary, memory games, geography, and puzzles. The great thing about this website is that it is geared toward the younger learner (1st and 2nd graders). There are several choices of games in each category so the students are never out of options. I plan on incorporating this center into computer time for the children.

2. Highland Park Public Library’s Unbeatable Second Grade Books
Reflection: This website includes a list of great books for second graders. The book selections are broken up into category making book selection easy. The website lists the title, author, and a summary for each book. I included this website because parents are always asking for suggestions for their child to read. Now, the book titles are at their fingertips. Students and parents can make a selection together!

3. Kids Stories and Games
Reflection: This webpage offers students the opportunity to listen to stories on the web. Students can choose to read the story themselves or to have it read to them. This page also offers a variety of games that are educational. Some focus on the content areas and others focus on logic development. It also has a link to sign up for a pen pal. Students can choose if they would like a pen pal from the United States or from another country. I think this would be great for when students are learning about different cultures and places in our world.

4. Education Place
Reflection: The educational website contains games for students to practice spelling, grammar, social studies skills, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and problem solving. This site is interactive and lively. I know that students will fall in love with this website! An added bonus is that the child can select their grade level and topic of interest for each activity.

5. A to Z Mysteries
Reflection: My students really enjoy reading A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. Each time we finish one of these chapter books, they beg me to start another. I included this website because there are coloring pages that match with each story, and because there are questions for each of the books in the series!

6. Kids Konnect
Reflection: Kids Konnect offers information on hundreds of topics. Children are able to select a topic from an alphabetized list, choose a category within that topic, and obtain information. Students can continue to explore the topic they chose by completing an activity, a game, or a challenge. All activities are based on the topic they selected. I chose this website because I feel it is a great resource for students and it could also be used to supplement a lesson.

7. Panda Pictures at the San Diego Zoo
Reflection: Each year my students study the country of China. We spend some time learning about the Giant Panda. This website has a live “panda-cam” that allows the children to watch the pandas in action. There are also several photos of the pandas at the zoo. There is also information about how pandas grow and different things they are able to do as they get older. The pandas are amazing to watch!

8. National Geographic for Kids
Reflection: This website contains tons of information about several different types of animals. There are also games and activities for the students to complete based on the animals. There are video clips so the children are able to see the animals in action. Also, there are activities for the students to complete on their own, rather than on the computer.

9. Brain Boosters
Reflection: Brain Boosters primarily focuses on logic problems. This would be a great sight for grades 4 and up, however it could be used with younger grades with some assistance. The puzzles on this sight really make kids think – hence the name Brain Boosters. I chose this sight because I have found that my students always enjoy a challenge. I feel that they would really enjoy what this sight has to offer.

10. Earth 911
Reflection: This site offers information about our planet and how to keep it beautiful. There are activities the students can complete, all which have to do with the Earth. Students can learn songs about conservation, recycling, and water. Students can even test their knowledge about the environment. I chose this website because it is important for students to know how to take care of the planet they live on.

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