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Thanksgiving Webquest

During this lesson you will be learning about the first Thanksgiving. You will apply what you have learned to complete a Venn diagram at the end of the lesson. You will be comparing and contrasting the first Thanksgiving to the Thanksgiving celebration we have today. You will be working with a partner to complete this task.

You will be graded as a team. Be sure to discuss your answers as you record your responses and complete the Venn diagram. Here is how your teamwork will be graded:

Did you work as a team? Yes_____ No_____
Did both partners navigate the web? Yes_____ No_____
Did both partners work together to complete the outline and Venn diagram? Yes_____ No_____
Did both partners collaborate to arrive at the answer? Yes_____ No_____
Did both partners actively participate in the process? Yes_____ No_____

Background Information:
The first Thanksgiving took place in the autumn of 1621. The pilgrims gathered to give thanks for the harvest. They invited Cheif Massasoit and the Wampanoag tribe to join them for the feast. The pilgrims were very thankful for the help they received from Squanto. He taught them how to plants crops so that they would grow. If it had not been for him, the pilgrims would not have lasted another year. They ate many foods that are different from the foods we usually enjoy at our Thanksgiving meal. They also participated in many activities. The feast lasted for three days and the pilgrims and Indians celebrated together. You will work with a partner to:

Start your quest!

This webquest meet PA standards:
  • 8.1.3.A Understand chronological thinking and distinguish between past, present and future time
  • 8.4.3.C Compare similarities and differences between earliest civilizations and life today
  • 1.4.3.C Write an opinion and support it with facts
  • 1.6.3.D Contribute to discussions by asking relevant questions and responding with appropriate information or opinions to questions asked

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